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“The Floathouse” Series



Pictures, maps, copies of old documents and recipes grace and inform this fascinating account of a family migration from Norway to Canada. The overall story is imaginatively put together and engaging. — Alison Prentice, PhD., Victoria, Women's History Network


Just a quick note to let you know how much I enjoyed your first book. [T]he history was very informative. And of course the re-connection to Norway was fascinating. — C. Paul Ridout, Honorary Consul for Norway (Retired)

from Fjord to Floathouse

Immigrant Andy Forberg

On the flip of a coin in 1898, immigrant Andy Forberg carved a living from the trees growing along the remote coastline of British Columbia.

A Saga of Hardy West Coast Pioneers

This is the saga of hardy West Coast pioneers who lived in snug floating homes, sustained by surrounding sea and forest.

Water transportation, written communication, semi-weekly shipments of staple supplies (anything they could not shoot, catch, or pick) were continuing limitations.

You come from great pioneers. I was impressed with the women's attitudes so positive and happy working, cooking and sewing under really difficult conditions. The details you gave us were excellent. — Patricia Brooke

One Hundred Years Later

One hundred years later Andy's granddaughter, Myrtle, driven by a need to explore her family heritage, experienced a heart-warming welcome at the farm he left so long ago.

Readers will be drawn, by short time segments, maps, letters, photographs and recipes, into a rural lifestyle that few have experienced, or even been aware existed.

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Gunhild's Granddaughter

As a granddaughter of Norwegian immigrants, Myrtle's story moves through lonely and sometimes bewildering experiences. Learning began in their floathouse kitchen, taught by her mother, using correspondence lessons.

From Water to Land

As a nine-year-old, Myrtle Forberg took her first steps from the water-constrained world in which she had lived since birth, to the freedom and independence of a land-based world.

It was an adjustment to living on land in a large, truck logging camp, and to be able to attend a one-room school with eight grades.

Off to High School

Then Myrtle was off to high school in town where she boarded with a different family each year.

Having left a home with parents, sister and familiar faces, Myrtle entered a world of strangers. At age 13 she was on her own.

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Lifelong Learning with friends and family

Post-secondary Education a Key

At only 16 years of age this rather shy, ordinary girl, named Myrtle Forberg, discovered that post-secondary education was a significant key to a multi-faceted career.

Professional Home Economist

With a Bachelor of Home Economics degree and an accredited teaching certificate, Myrtle was able to pursue a wide range of opportunities beyond teaching high school.

She became an entrepreneur, a volunteer event planner, a personal home builder, and family financial manager. Her path continued with addition of writing, parenthood, travel, gardening and volunteering — always with a focus on new learning.

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Float House Family Favourites

This book was written for young people and new cooks who may need a few dependable recipes and methods to help them prepare tasty and healthy meals for themselves, their housemates, and their family members.

Myrtle's Best Recipes

Float House Family Favourites is filled with recipes that Myrtle has used her entire life, many have come from her family and friends.

The book contains 104 pages of Myrtle's best recipes, shortcuts and fresh ideas, and features some beautiful colour illustrations. It has a coil-bound soft cover, designed to lay flat while working in the kitchen.

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from Fjord to Floathouse
Ten Year Anniversary Edition

ISBN: 978-0-9880709-0-5
9 x 6 inches, 232 pages

Gunhild's Granddaughter
ISBN: 978-0-9880709-1-2
9 x 6 inches, 126 pages

Lifelong Learning with friends and family
ISBN: 978-0-9880709-2-9
9 x 6 inches, 158 pages

Float House Family Favourites
ISBN: 978-0-9880709-3-6
9 x 6 inches, 104 pages
(Coil-bound Soft Cover).


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Updated: March 10, 2021