Myrtle Rae Forberg Siebert

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“The Floathouse” Series

from Fjord to Floathouse is an interesting, easy read. Your vivid descriptions bring people and places that you have written about clearly to the mind's eye. — Margaret Morrison, BSc., CFUW Writer's Workshop

Cover of ‘from Fjord to Floathouse’   Cover of ‘Gunhild's Granddaughter’   Cover of ‘Lifelong Learning with Friends and Family’   Cover of ‘Float House Family Favourites’

from Fjord to Floathouse should be of great interest to those who are curious about the past, whether they are visitors to this area or people who relish traveling back in time through the joys of reading. — Frances (Munro) Money, B.A., Ottawa


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Updated: November 11, 2022