Myrtle Rae Forberg Siebert

from Fjord to Floathouse

Cover of ‘from Fjord to Floathouse’


The story of Myrtle's Norwegian ancestors on the coast of British Columbia and the cousins she found in Norway.

One hopes that more women will be inspired to search the records and gather up the memories, to create family histories for their friends and children. Such histories add to our understanding of how life evolved in B.C. over the past century. Above all they demonstrate the importance of women's family work in our collective past.
Alison Prentice, PhD., Victoria, Women's History Network



Immigrant Andy Forberg

On the flip of a coin in 1898, immigrant Andy Forberg carved a living from the trees growing along the remote coastline of British Columbia.

A Saga of Hardy West Coast Pioneers

This is the saga of hardy West Coast pioneers who lived in snug floating homes, sustained by surrounding sea and forest.

Water transportation, written communication, semi-weekly shipments of staple supplies (anything they could not shoot, catch, or pick) were continuing limitations.

You come from great pioneers. I was impressed with the women's attitudes so positive and happy working, cooking and sewing under really difficult conditions. The details you gave us were excellent.
Patricia Brooke

One Hundred Years Later

One hundred years later Andy's granddaughter, Myrtle, driven by a need to explore her family heritage, experienced a heart-warming welcome at the farm he left so long ago.

Readers will be drawn, by short time segments, maps, letters, photographs and recipes, into a rural lifestyle that few have experienced, or even been aware existed.


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Updated: November 11, 2022