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Drawn to Water

Myrtle has always been drawn to water and is happiest when she is near the sea. Fortunately, she has been close to water all her life and was lucky to have had a life partner who also enjoyed the ocean.

Readers of her books will gain a better understanding of the impact oceans have had on her life, from earliest days to the present.

Love of Books

Myrtle Rae Forberg Siebert's deep appreciation for books came during her childhood when she lived in a floathouse along the BC coast.

No School, No Library

Where her family lived, there was no school and certainly no library. The only option was to take her lessons by correspondence, seated at the kitchen table and guided by her mother as the teacher.

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Myrtle's Memberships

Myrtle has been involved (and often played a key role) in a number of writing, speaking, educational and heritage organizations. Learn more about her memberships…

Myrtle's Awards

Myrtle has been the recipient of several awards including for Management and Foods in 1975 as the first Canadian book to earn the metric M designation. Learn more about her awards…

Myrtle's Blog

Myrtle blogs about family history, recipes, her books and more. Visit her blog…


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Updated: November 11, 2022