Myrtle Rae Forberg Siebert

Gunhild's Granddaughter

Cover of ‘Gunhild's Granddaughter’


It's wonderful to step back in time and read, and…re-live, those times. Some of the things you did at Christmas, and the preparations, brought back vivid memories of our own family preparations.


I'm so glad you are preserving all those things for future generations to read.
Patricia Brook


As a granddaughter of Norwegian immigrants, Myrtle's story moves through lonely and sometimes bewildering experiences.

Learning began in their floathouse kitchen, taught by her mother, using correspondence lessons.

From Water to Land

As a nine-year-old, Myrtle Forberg took her first steps from the water-constrained world in which she had lived since birth, to the freedom and independence of a land-based world.

It was an adjustment to living on land in a large, truck logging camp, and to be able to attend a one-room school with eight grades.

Off to High School

Then Myrtle was off to high school in town where she boarded with a different family each year.

Having left a home with parents, sister and familiar faces, Myrtle entered a world of strangers. At age 13 she was on her own.


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Updated: November 11, 2022