Myrtle Rae Forberg Siebert


“The Floathouse” Series

Just a quick note to let you know how much I enjoyed your first book. [T]he history was very informative. And of course the re-connection to Norway was fascinating.
C. Paul Ridout, Honorary Consul for Norway (Retired)
Pictures, maps, copies of old documents and recipes grace and inform this fascinating account of a family migration from Norway to Canada. The overall story is imaginatively put together and engaging.
Alison Prentice, PhD., Victoria, Women's History Network

Myrtle's books tell engaging stories of her family and a history of early British Columbia that few have known about.

from Fjord to Floathouse

The story of Myrtle's ancestors on the coast of British Columbia and the cousins she found in Norway.

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Gundhild's Granddaughter

This is Myrtle's story of her childhood living on a floathouse, taking correspondence lessons, and attending a one-room school (surrounded by the business of logging).

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Lifelong Learning with Friends and Family

With a university degree and high school teaching certificate, Myrtle discovers a wide range of benefits and career options.

Float House Family Favourites

Myrtle's own recipes, illustrated with colour photographs, make an excellent source of tasty and healthy meals. Read her blog to learn how the book came to be published.

Gundhild's Granddaughter's Travels

Using this as a working title, Myrtle has begun working on a book of places and travel experiences she has enjoyed.


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Updated: December 18, 2023