Myrtle Rae Forberg Siebert

Myrtle's Favourite Organizations

Myrtle has been a member and involved with all these organizations. Please visit the respective sites for additional information.

CFUW | GWI | CAA | BCFed | NFAA | PowerTalk | CWIT | SOFN


CFUW logo

CFUW is a non-profit, non-governmental, organization advocating for equality and post-secondary education for women.


Canadian Federation of University Women – Victoria logo

Founded in 1908, CFUW Victoria was one of the 6 first member Clubs of CFUW formed in 1919. That same year CFUW became one of the original members of Graduate Women International.


Canadian Federation of University Women – Saanich Peninsula logo

CFUW Saanich Peninsula received its charter from CFUW in 1994 with a goal of fellowship and lifelong learning for its members. The Club continues with strong financial support for women pursuing post-secondary education giving multiple annual awards to local student's education.

Through those years of volunteering, Myrtle served in most executive positions of the CFUW clubs where she lived.

Both of the above Clubs are strong members of the National body, CFUW, and members also of the Graduate Women International.


Graduate Women International logo

Graduate Women International (GWI): empowering girls and women through lifelong, quality education and training up to the highest levels. CFUW is the largest of the 61 affiliates of GWI and one of the founding members.

Canadian Authors Association

The Canadian Authors Association helps aspiring, emerging and professional writers to develop their skills in both the craft and the business of writing. Members have access to a Canada-wide network of writers and publishing industry professionals.


BC Federation of Writers

BC Federation of Writers promotes excellence and professionalism in the literary arts in British Columbia by encouraging publication; providing information on markets and workshops; sponsoring readings, workshops and seminars; and establishing communication between writers and interested agents and markets.


Nonfiction Authors Association

Nonfiction Authors Association is a vibrant online community for authors to connect, exchange ideas, and learn about book publishing and promotion. Our primary focus is to provide members with educational resources and community support for nonfiction books.


POWERtalk International

POWERtalk International clubs provide coaching in presentation skills.

For 15 years Myrtle was an active member of PowerTalk International where she earned Level 4 designation (of 5) on the accreditation program. It gives her use of the title Accomplished Communicator (AC).


Canadian Women In Timber logo

Canadian Women In Timber, formed 1998, is a non-profit society that encourages wise use of Canadian forest resources for the benefit of all. It focuses on public education and works to foster public understanding of forest resources and their sustainable forest management.

Myrtle was their first vice-president and editor of their newsletter.


Sons of Norway

Sons of Norway is a fraternal organization representing people of Norwegian heritage in the United States and Canada with the goal of preserving and promoting their traditions and culture. With assistance of SOFN members Siebert was able to begin researching her Norwegian family.


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Updated: April 30, 2020