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To contact Myrtle for books, readings or talks, call her or .

Contact Myrtle for books, readings or talks:

  • Call her (250-360-6109).
  • .

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Myrtle is present on the following social media sites:

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Myrtle's Blog

Myrtle blogs about family history, recipes, her books and more.

Visit Myrtle's WordPress Blog Visit Myrtle's blog

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Myrtle's Organizations

Myrtle has been involved (and often played a key role) in a number of writing, speaking, educational and heritage organizations.

More about Myrtle's organizations…

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Myrtle's Awards

Myrtle has been the recipient of several awards starting with the first Canadian book to earn the metric M designation in 1975.

More about Myrtle's awards…

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Photo of Myrtle Siebert doing a reading

You have discovered what I did when I was first exposed to Myrtle's work -- that the imagery was superb, the story fascinating.

That Myrtle has studied the craft is evident in the way the story unfolds. She has just cause to be very proud of this work.

I now feel that I "know" the characters and can hardly keep myself from calling Myrtle "Rae." It is a name I feel really suits her.

Truly inspiring to us as Fledgling Writers.
Penny Briggs


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Updated: March 10, 2021